Relaxation Massage:

Pamper yourself after a long day or reacquaint your body & soul. All you have to do after your service is crawl into bed, close your eyes & drift into a dream.

60 minute: $100

90 minute: $120


Want to train by yourself just need some extra help on proper program maintinence? No problem, our 1 3 & 6 month programs make fitness fun & easy regardless of fitness level or physical location.

1 month: $200

* includes: bi-monthly Skype chats with your trainer & unlimited emailing.

3 months: $555.00 ($185/month)

* Includes: program, weekly check ins with your coach, Food Logs, Access to online Video data base.

6 month: $1050.00 ($175.00/month)

* Includes: Program, Weekly Check Ins, Food Logs, Access to online video data base.



A form of alternative medicine developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. Since originating in Japan, Reiki has been adapted into varying cultural traditions across the world. Reiki practitioners use a technique they call palm healing or hands-on intuitive healing. Providing counseling & calm, subconsiously allowing the body to heal.

1 Hour: $50.00

1 hr REIKI & 1 hr TRAINING: $120

(2 hours total)

Massage Parties:

Enjoy an evening with friends. Host a practitioner at your house to massage a MAXIMUM of 4 people & your service is free.

We provide the finest in Chardonnay & Cabernet Sauvignon from our Wine Partners at Monde Eau Wineries. Organically grown & environmentally conscious.

5 hours: $450

* Buy 5 MASSAGES for $500 & get your 6th massage FREE *



Personal Training:    
We bring the equipment, you do all the work. Our trainers are the best in the business. Tailoring a program to your goals & lifestyle in order to guarantee your success. We collaborate with your Massage Therapist to correct imbalances, while reaching your optimal strength & conditioning potential. Currently in the process of filming step by step videos for your convenience, as well as 30, 45 & 60 minute work out videos to keep you challenged & progressing.

60 minute: $100
75 minute: $110
* Group Fitness & Boot Camp packages available upon request.


Pregnancy Massage:

Providing support through pillows while in a side lying position. We make sure comfort is a top priority when massaging the mom to be. Draped professionally with a sheet ensuring only the body part being worked on is exposed.


* Swelling Reduction, increases blood & lymph flow

60 minute: $100

90 minute: $120

Raw Food Consultation:

Food is your miracle medicine. We teach you how food can prevent & cure over 100 symptoms & problems you may be experiencing due to a high stress lifestyle. Live abundantly & in respect with our planet, enhance your immunity & balance your weight. Cleanses & detoxification from cancer radiation treatments also available. Learn how to introduce super foods & super herbs into your diet. The many benefits of juicing & blending as well as the difference between cooked & raw.

1st 60 minute IN HOME Consultation: $100
Package of 10 follow up Skype Consultations: $100



30, 45, 60, 75 & 90 minute flow videos of differing variations for all types of skill sets. You can do these videos in the comfort of your own home. As if you have your own private instructor.  Simply click on the link & get ready to move.

Have an instructor come to you:
60 minute class: $30
75 minute class: $40
90 minute class: $60


Therapeutic Massage:

Regardless of age, activity level or experience with therapy, our practitioners make rehabilitation pain free while educating you on your body to prevent re-injury. Our treatment plans work with your trainer to achieve balance safely & effectively.

60 minute: $100

90 minute: $120